Songs of the Levant: My Musical Heritage

Our roots will always follow us. I carry my heritage with pride as long as it is to share, come together and enjoy the beauty of that which makes us unique and which is given to everyone in equal measure.

The sounds of the Orient are part of my musical upbringing and career. Presented in two configurations, solo or in duo with Tomas Sanchez, the journey takes us to several countries and listen to ancient melodies from the cultures of Mesopotamia, Turkey, Egypt and the Levant, in Aramaic, Arabic and the various dialects of these countries

Nowa Płyta: Pieśni Lewantu

Songs of the Levant, a musical journey through the lands of the Levant and Egypt.

Join me in a  musical journey that aims to present some of the songs of the Levant in their original form as they are performed in Damascus.

Where can you find the CD?
The album can be purchased in Krakow at the KURANT Music Bookstore, in Warsaw at the Asia and Pacific Museum store, and online at

The premiere of “Songs of the Levant” took place on March 14, 2023 at the Potocki Palace – a cultural meeting spot in the heart of Krakow’s Old Town and co-hosted by KBF.

I have been living in Poland since 2013 and it is rare for me to find an original musical product presented without any additions or musical arrangements.

Both, the album and the concert at the Potocki Palace, aim to present a selection of songs of the Levant in their original form, exactly as they are performed in Damascus.

Tomas Sanchez and I are very grateful for the support we received from the city of Krakow in preparing this performance, as well as for the encouraging audience (of familiar and new faces) that accompanied us on this musical journey.

Tomás Celis Sánchez: A Musical Mexican

I am very grateful to have met Tomas here in Krakow and feel very honored to share my love for music and the stage with him. He is a very talented musician and I hope that our musical paths will take us further together.

I first met him in 2015 at a concert of my band “Projekt Kameleon.” He was part of the audience. After the show we shook hands and the rest, well, is history.

Tomás Celis Sánchez. Born in Mexico, he is a graduate of the Academy of Music in Ciudad de México, where he specialised in double bass. Today he pursues his musical career as a percussion instrumentalist. He has been living in Krakow for almost 20 years. He is a renowned sideman, appreciated by musicians in Poland and abroad. He has cooperated with artists such as Ola Turkiewicz, Ewa Uryga, Krzysztof Śbierański, Anna Maria Jopek, Justyna Steczkowska, Ewa Bem, Karolina Glazer, Martyna Jakubowicz and with the bands Raz Dwa Trzy and Zakopower. He is invited to participate in the most important European jazz festivals, including Ingolstadt Jazz Tage, International Jazz & Blues Festival, Kikinda in Serbia.