I was born in 1978 in Damascus, Syria. In 1998, I graduated from my first university studies with a civil engineering degree and over the next seven years I participated in numerous construction projects in Syria. I started my musical adventure at the age of six, playing the flute and lute.

I came to Poland in 2013 and here, in 2015, I obtained a master’s degree in composition studies at the Academy of Music in Krakow, under the supervision of prof. Józef Rychlik. In 2019, at the same institution, I obtained a PhD in music composition (major in composition), collaborating with prof. Wojciech Widłak.


14 Apr
Kultura Lewantu dla Pokoju: Wassim Ibrahim + Adeb Chamoun + inni | Katowice
  • 14.04.2024 (14:00)
  • Piąty Dom 📌 ul. Jana Matejki 2, Katowice
  • 40-50 zł
21 Apr
Ibrahim Trio: East Meets West Live @Muzeum Manggha
  • 21.04.2024 (20:00)
  • Muzeum Manggha 📌 ul. Konopnickiej 26, Kraków
  • 60 zł


“Songs of the Levant” is a musical journey through the lands of the Levant and Egypt.

I have been living in Poland since 2013 and it is rare for me to find an oriental musical product presented in its original form, without any additions or musical arrangements.

I invite you to a journey whose main goal is to deliver some of the songs of the Levant in their original form, as they are performed in Damascus.


Sounds of the Orient & Songs of the Levant

Our roots will always follow us. I carry my heritage with pride as long as it is to share, come together and enjoy the beauty of that which makes us unique and which is given to everyone in equal measure.

The sounds of the Orient are part of my musical upbringing and career. Presented in two configurations, solo or in duo with Tomas Sanchez, the journey takes us to several countries and listen to ancient melodies from the cultures of Mesopotamia, Turkey, Egypt and the Levant, in Aramaic, Arabic and the various dialects of these countries

Ibrahim Trio


Ibrahim Trio


Chór w Kontakcie

Founded and conducted by Syrian musician and composer, Wassim Ibrahim, the Choir sprouted on the musical map of Krakow in the spring of 2015. From the very beginning, it was shaped by the values of diversity and multiculturalism – both in relation to its repertoire and membership. The choir has become a gathering place for professional and amateur musicians, young and senior singers from different walks of life devoted to various non-musical passions, coming from near and far corners of Europe and the world.


Wassim Ibrahim


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