Lista utworów


  • „Congregatim” for flute, clarinet, violin, viola and cello 2023.
  • „Etiamsi” piece for Violin and Cello, Poland 2022.
  • Composed the sound truck of the film „opowieść Dziesiątka” Director Daniel Pless, Poland 2021.
  • „Suite O, river” for Trumpet, Cello and Piano, consists of three pieces: Echos, The migratory between rivers and Georgina dance, Poland 2020. 
  • ” Suite Temple Dom”  consists of two pieces: Solo Clarinet ” Echos” and Solo Violin „Tarnim” Poland 2020.
  • Composed the sound truck of the film „opowieść Piąta” Director Daniel Pless, Poland 2020.
  • ” A Canticle of Love” A Mystical Song for Treble choir Based on the words of Jala Ad-Din Rumi. Krakow, Poland 2019
  • Compsed a complete sound track of the theatrical spectacle „Comuncanto”. Italy 2019
  • „Harvest” for Qanun, Instrumental octet and Orchestra 2018.
  •  Composed a complete sound track and 6 songs for children play„YEMAYA – KRÓLOWA MÓRZ”, Krakow, Poland 2018.
  • „Harvest” for Qanun, Instrumental octet and Orchestra, Poland 2018.
  •  Composed a complete sound track and 6 songs for children play„YEMAYA – KRÓLOWA MÓRZ”, Krakow, Poland 2018.
  • Why” String Quartet Poland 2017. Publisher’s number: 20132
  • „Trauma and Silence” for flute and piano, pland 2017. Publisher’s number: 20783
  • Lonesome” Piece for Recorder, Harpsichord and Percussion Poland 2017.
  • “ The gift is a…” Piece for Solo soprano, Choir and Piano, Krakow – Poland 2016.
  • piece for Flute, Violin, Cello, Piano and Percussion, commission of Axes festival 2015,
  • “Behind the Death”, piece for Orchestra and String quartet, 2015.  Publisher’s number: 20344
  • “Small Silent” Piano Trio was composed in Krakow Poland 2014.
  • “Echo of a Mountain’s Howl” Percussion’s quartet was composed in Krakow 2014,
  • “Children in Winter”, Composed a quintet for Soprano, Mezzo Soprano, English Horn, Oud and Cello, Krakow-Poland 2014.
  • “Piece for Orchestra” was inspired from Oriental Rhythm and composed in Krakow-Poland 2014.
  • Piece for English Horn, Bass Clarinet and 11 strings, composed in Krakow-Poland 2014.
  • “Memories of a Childhood”for Oboe ,Violin, cello and piano, Krakow-Poland, 2014.
  • “Damascus Breeze”, piece for women choir, dedicated and commission to (Cantigas Women’s choir – New york -USA ) 2013 Cracow.
  • “Womb”, piece for Orchestera, composed in Krakow-Poland 2013.
  • “Soliloquist” Solo Cello, composed in Vienna 2012. Publisher’s number: 16958
  • “Damascus Night” nocturne for piano, composed in Vienna 2012.
  • “Syriac Fantasy” String quartet, composed in Damascus 2012.  Publisher’s number: 17001
  • “Passacaglia”, Piece for Orchestra, composed in Damascus 2010.
  • “Prelude and Elegy”, Suite for choir without words 2009
  • Arranged a piece of the Syrian composer Nouri Iskandar to full orchestra and choir.
  • “Elegy and Syrian folk” two pieces for Brass Quintet Damascus, 2010.
  • Composed a complete sound track for children play,. Damascus 2002.
  • Music for a theatrical musical dance which I had 6 songs for children. Damascus 2005.
  • Arranged several pieces for choir
  • Arranged several pieces for the local Orchestra`s in Syria and Jordan

Published works

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Published works:

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