Chór w kontakcie

The inspiration for the creation this choir for amateur singers in Kontakt Przestrzeń ruchu i tańca, was to create an ensemble for sheer enjoyment and pleasure! Driven by a common love of singing, we also imagine expanding our experience—collaborating with a wide range of artists including dancers and professional musicians while still retaining our identy as a choir for amateur singers. No one has to to be a trained musician to sing in this choir! The only requirement is to deeply enjoy creative expression: singing with feeling, a little cry, an occasional scream; a whisper to say something in different way. We sing folk, traditional music, classical music, and a lot of songs from all over the world in many languages.

Project Kameleon

Projekt Kameleon is an aptly named musical creature distinct in its individuality. The Kameleon has its own identity and at the same time has the incredible ability to change color and blend itself (artistically) into its surroundings.

Projekt Kameleon consists of five friends:
Christina Eshak: Singer – Soprano
Cinar Timur : Composer and Arranger,

Oud, Lavta, Guitar and Singer
Janek Kubek: Percussion
Witold Wróbel: Oboe and English horn
Wassim Ibrahim: Composer and Arranger, Oud, and Singer


Waldorf school

Choir and Orchestra for Kids, Waldorf School, (Waldorfska Szkoła Podstawowa im. Janusza Korczaka w Krakowie) Krakow-Poland

The work includes conducting a Choir of the Gymnasium, the choir consists of 35 students, also creating and conducting a kids orchestra, the orchestra consists of about 22 students. The idea was started by the teachers in Waldorf School and it was an honor to me to work with them and participate in this amazing experience with the wonderful kids and amazing atmosphere in Waldorf school in Krakow.
Work includes teaching musical theory for the elementary school (1st and 3rd Class), and for Gymnasium (7th, 8thand 9th class).

Waldorfska Szkoła